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ATD Accidental Trainer is an ATD podcast, sponsored by Over Drive, featuring bimonthly interviews with industry experts who share stories and tips about how to grow your training career. Hosted by Alexandria Clapp, ATD Accidental Trainer covers trends, strategies, and actionable information for talent development professionals.

Aug 24, 2022

Ryne Sherman, the Chief Science Officer of Hogan Assessments, joins us on the podcast to clear up misconceptions about personalities and how we measure them. He describes the complexity involved in evaluating personalities, whether personality is changeable over time, and how we can use personality assessments in the workplace. Ryne also reveals the challenges that exist without regulations in the personality assessments space, and recommendations TD professionals can take when considering an assessment tool for their organization. He also shares his current research areas of interest, including examining technology and how it can be used to better understand ourselves.  

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