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ATD Accidental Trainer is an ATD podcast, featuring bimonthly interviews with industry experts who share stories and tips about how to grow your training career. Hosted by Alexandria Clapp, ATD Accidental Trainer covers trends, strategies, and actionable information for talent development professionals.

Mar 30, 2022

In this episode, crowd-favorite speakers Bridgett McGowen and Rick Lozano join us to discuss why the ATD International Conference and Expo is so important to them and their careers; how the unexpected can happen at any point and time during the conference and leave you with a life-long lasting impression! They also discuss why going in-person this year was a must for them and what you can expect to see from these two, separately, in the year to come. Stick around until the end of the episode for a Lozano surprise!

ATD22 in Orlando (Flash sale until April 1!)

Brigett McGowen

Rick Lozano