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ATD Accidental Trainer is an ATD podcast, sponsored by Canvas by Instructure, featuring bimonthly interviews with industry experts who share stories and tips about how to grow your training career. Hosted by Alexandria Clapp, ATD Accidental Trainer covers trends, strategies, and actionable information for talent development professionals.

Dec 13, 2023

Evidence-informed learning designer and educational technology specialist, Nidhi Sachdeva, breaks down the dangers of conflating neurodivergence and learning styles. Discussing Dual Coding Theory, Cognitive Theory, and Information Processing Theory, Nidhi explains the science behind how people learn and what trainers often get wrong.  

While discussing the myth of learning styles, Nidhi shares her advice for using kindness to correct misinformation, the importance of nuance to understand learning abilities, and the origin of common learning misconceptions. She also offers tips for creating a multi-tiered system of support for diverse learners. 

The conversation touches on Nidhi’s accidental path to learning sciences, her current research projects, and what the future holds for the field. Listen to our episode for more on how trainers can accommodate diverse learners by applying the science of learning.